Anticipating our fall Advanced Clergy Clinic speaker, Dr. Jenny Brown

Jenny is Director Emeritus and founder of the Family Systems Institute (FSI) in Sydney, Australia. FSI has been providing training and clinical services in Bowen family systems approaches since 2004.

In June 2021, she stepped down from her leadership role but she continues as faculty. Jenny is committed to contributing to FSI events and mentoring emerging systems thinkers as demonstrated in her new Parent Hope Project endeavor.

In 2022 she was awarded the Polly Caskie research award by the Bowen Center for Family for the Study of the Family in Washington, DC, honoring her work with parents and the family projection process.

Jenny’s best-selling book “Growing Yourself Up: How to bring your best to all of life’s relationships” is now in its second edition. She has also published a primer on parenting called “Confident Parenting: Restoring Your Confidence as a Parent by Making Yourself the Project and Not Trying to Change Your Child”.

While she is with us Jenny is going to be digging deeper into Bowen theory as it relates to defining a self – The I position. This is a key skill for maintaining a calm presence and connection with parties in a triangle without adding energy from your own reactions.

This subject follows on nicely from discussions in last year’s Clergy Clinic about triangles, among other teachings from The Leaders Journey. Here is an interview by two authors on the subject of triangles in Jenny’s book.

Come to Advanced Clergy Clinic prepared to learn about your best next steps!