The Lombard Mennonite Peace Center seeks to proclaim Christ’s good news, the gospel of peace and justice, and to be active in the sacred ministry of reconciliation, wherever and whenever we can.

Please Note:

For most of our events, we shut down registration about 7 to 10 days in advance in order to allow time for various administrative tasks.  If registration has closed for the event in which you are interested, please call our office at 630-627-0507 and we may still be able to accommodate you.

If you would like to attend our Mediation Skills Training Institute for Church Leaders but find the cost prohibitive, please send an explanatory email to Admin@LMPeaceCenter.org.  We may have funds available to assist you.

Group Discounts are available for our one-day events: Conflict Transformation  Skills for Churches (CTS), Healthy Congregations (HC), and Leadership and Anxiety in the Church (LAC).  Restrictions apply. Please consult this document for details with regard to Conflict Transformation Skills or Healthy Congregations. We also encourage you to call our office at 630-627-0507 or email us at Admin@LMPeaceCenter.org if you have any further questions.


Conflict Transformation Skills for Churches

Four Sessions Available:  January 16, February 13, March 22, or April 10, 2021  (more dates to be added soon)

Conflict is a normal part of life; unfortunately, the church is not exempt.  This workshop will give participants the knowledge and skills necessary to manage conflicts within their congregations in a healthier manner.  Join us and learn to regard conflict not as a negative force, but as a positive opportunity for reconciliation, spiritual growth, and a renewed awareness of God’s will for your church.  


Healthy Congregations

Four Sessions Available:  January 30, February 18, March 27, or April 17, 2021 (more dates to be added soon)

Healthy Congregations uses the insights of family systems theory to help church leaders become more effective stewards of their congregations. This workshop was developed by Dr. Peter Steinke and is based on the work of Dr. Edwin Friedman, author of Generation to Generation: Family Process in Church and Synagogue.

Mediation Skills Training Institute for Church Leaders

Six Sessions Available:  March 1-5, May 3-7, June 21-25, August 2-6, October 11-15, or November 15-19, 2021  

This 5-day event is designed to equip church leaders with the knowledge and skills necessary to deal effectively with interpersonal, congregational, and other forms of group conflict. It also includes a component on congregational mediation and consultation, placed within the context of family systems theory. Although focused primarily on the church setting, the skills learned are directly transferable to other settings, including the business and academic worlds. Join us and found out for yourself why a previous participant described MSTI as “The best and most thorough model for mediation with individuals and congregations that I have experienced in more than three decades of ordained ministry”!

Leadership and Anxiety in the Church

Six Sessions Available:  March 10, May 13, June 9, August 19, Oct. 29, and Nov. 4

Rooted in Scripture and grounded in Bowen family systems theory, this workshop identifies differentiation of self and anxiety as two key variables impacting human functioning.  Leadership and Anxiety looks at the challenges presented by the rising levels of anxiety being experienced in churches today, as well as the role that self-differentiated leadership can play in calming such anxiety.  Works of fine art illustrating Biblical themes help facilitate theological reflection on the themes being presented.     

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